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How to Purchase dry battery
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Buy batteries should pay attention to the following points:
One, according to the need to choose a battery. For example: appliances need large current output in a flash, Walkman, BP machine, electric toys and so on, the best selection of alkaline zinc manganese battery (L). In general, watches and other apparatus used in the radio power requirements, use an ordinary zinc manganese batteries (S, C, P).
Two, pay attention to the performance price ratio of the battery, do not blindly superstition foreign brands. In fact, many domestic famous brand battery performance to price ratio higher than similar foreign products.
Three, pay attention to the battery storage period. Ordinary zinc manganese battery for a period of 2 years. Should choose to buy the products.
The difference between alkaline batteries and ordinary zinc manganese battery
The battery in the eyes of ordinary people is divided into basic and ordinary zinc manganese batteries two. In the past people in everyday use are often the ideal battery life as imagined, that is the difference between alkaline batteries and ordinary zinc manganese battery. In daily use, BP, flashlight, camera and electric toys such as large flow electric appliance can show the characteristics of alkaline batteries and ordinary zinc manganese battery.
Alkaline batteries are used to flash 144 times, camera film volume 8, toy started 183 minutes. Ordinary zinc manganese batteries these index than the same period in the use of average 6.86, 4.38, 3.81 times, and the ratio of performance to price or 4.34, 2.78, 2.41 times. For consumers, the use of alkaline batteries can be reasonably assured that use.
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