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Battery: rechargeable battery market dragons and fishes jumbled together reference of choose and buy
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Very strange, battery products is more and more attention, but the battery less. To buy batteries, few people will be what to pick, or the reckoning. This is the general type of rechargeable battery (which is the most common commercially available No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 5 and other types of battery) current market current situation.
At present, the battery brand is numerous, dragons and fishes jumbled together on the market, consumers are often blind to buy, do not know what kind of battery is better, more suitable for their own equipment. This reporter last week on a universal battery on the market survey, hope to provide some useful reference for you to buy.
Keywords low
Core prompt alkaline zinc manganese batteries cheap
Scope of application: digital recording pen, flashlight, Walkman, BP machine, electric toys and other electronic products. If the general in the radio, watches and other appliances electric demand, use an ordinary zinc manganese battery. Most of the MP3 player can also use ordinary disposable No. 5 and No. 7 batteries.
No matter which kind of digital products, its energy consumption is a very important index, zinc manganese battery is suitable for the requirements of discharge voltage is not high digital products. In this field, famous brand is invented the world’s first grain of energizer battery. It is also the first grain of alkaline battery inventor.
We are easily available in the market of AA (5 alkaline batteries), AAA (7 alkaline batteries) as an example, it is characterized by low price. The use of such batteries, digital camera for low-end products. The power supply such batteries, and staying power than other types of battery difference. Sometimes, the voltage is not enough to drive the digital camera to start, even the use of impact on the digital camera lens, such as not normal expansion.
Keywords charge
Core prompt Ni MH battery economic and environmental protection
Scope of application: digital camera, MP3, passive speakers.
Ni MH battery is charging. With high capacitance, large discharging depth, high charging and over discharge, short charging time obvious advantages. It greatly reduces the nickel cadmium batteries in the presence of the "memory effect", common nickel hydrogen battery cycle life of up to nearly a thousand times. In this field, the technology leader is Philips Ni MH rechargeable battery, it is the inventor of the first, or alkaline battery manufacturers. Cells in the PowerLife alkaline battery and MultiLife battery, charger is its production. The product is currently in the domestic market has been able to see.
Ni MH battery has the advantage of environmental protection. No use of toxic heavy metals as materials, such as MultiLife and PowerLife cells do not contain harmful heavy metal materials: cadmium, mercury and lead, can eliminate the pollution of the environment. At the same time, in the hand and nickel cadmium battery electrical characteristics are similar, in practical application, can completely replace the nickel cadmium battery without the need for any modification of the camera. ,
Keywords direction
Core prompt lithium ion battery is not universal
Scope of application: mobile phone, notebook computer, digital camera, digital camera, MP4, GPS etc..
Lithium ion battery prices are relatively high, but it has the advantages of light weight, large capacity, high energy density, compared with nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium ion batteries, light, and energy is about 60% higher than. Because of this, the lithium ion battery production and sales are more than the nickel metal hydride battery. Lithium ion battery is almost no "memory effect" and does not contain toxic substances, is the future development direction of the battery.
But the lithium ion battery is almost 100% are used and the corresponding ancillary products, the market has not yet seen the universal type lithium ion battery.
Have fun shopping and money collection
Charge the battery than the battery, disposable
Don’t look at the rechargeable battery sell than disposable batteries expensive 5 times to 10 times, but also with the charger, but for the use of high frequency, high power consumption of digital products, used more and more cheap. Section 3 yuan one-time battery for 2 hours after the useless, and an environmental protection type MultiLife rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times, plus the cost of electricity, battery charger, using a cost no more than 2 cents, and every time is generally about 1 hours.
So we should try to buy digital products using a universal battery. Use a universal battery products, realize the battery can be charged with money. Special battery general than general battery cost tens or even hundreds of dollars, but also prone to bad battery looking for special battery trouble. Of course, special battery has an advantage, can make the digital product shape is lighter and thinner.
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