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Fuel cell technology
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1 background
Fuel cell is a kind of will be stored in the fuel and oxidizer in the chemical energy directly into electrical energy generating device. It is not by thermomechanical process, not by the Kano cycle limit, high energy conversion efficiency, has become a new power generation technology in developed countries compete to develop. In the world each year for fuel cell development costs about $300000000.
The current focus on the development of international is the following kinds of fuel cell:
One is the phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC). Field test America has completed the 12KW local power device of the 200KW stage, the technology mature, can be sold as a commodity; Japan from 1981 1990: a focus on the development of PAFC, 1988 100KW, 1990 200KW power system have been completed on schedule.
Two is the molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC). From the beginning of 1987, USA fuel cell research focus has turned from PAFC temperature MCFC, according to the plan, 92 to 93 years to complete the 70KW, 120KW tests to assess the level of MCFC stack, power plant demonstration of the first (200KW) by the end of 1994 to work, in 1998 began selling official product.
Research focus of this type of battery is the European Union countries, and great plans.
Three is a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)
Four is a polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC)
China is one of the earlier national fuel cell research in the world, the need for the aerospace industry in the early 50’s, some scientific research units began the research on this aspect. The main research work focused on alkaline hydrogen oxygen fuel cell. 70 in the Dalian of the developed 10KW, 20KW to NH decomposition of hydrogen to power fuel cell. "Seven five" to complete the oxyhydrogen cell research tasks for underwater robot, "eight five" began with the ion exchange membrane fuel electric vehicle
A preliminary study on the pool and MCFC. However, in the fuel cell civilian power generation (PAFC.MCFC, SOFC) or a blank so far, only a few units conducted exploratory experiment.
The 2 target
Based on the existing researches, based on independent development and introduction of the principle of combining, conducting research on fuel cell, focus on molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC), in 2010 and strive to complete a certain scale demonstration power plant and product.
The 3 content
The phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC), mainly through the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign research and tracking dynamic, master this kind of battery control system, structure and quality of fuel gas and control knowledge techniques.
The molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC), is the focus of research and development, and built a model generator of a certain size. The research includes:
Diaphragm development
The preparation of catalytic electrodes
The development of double electrode separator
CO2 online circulation
Study on the system control technology of power plant
The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC): mainly is basic research and materials research, strive for a breakthrough.
The polymer electrolyte battery: focus on ion exchange membrane.
The alkaline burn
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