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Note the use of lithium batteries dew point instrument
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Note the use of lithium batteries dew point instrument
As everyone knows, lithium battery quality assurance must control the production environment of water at the time of production, and the production of water control of lithium battery glove box mainly depends on the dew point measurement. Dew point hygrometer dew point instrument used in lithium batteries in the industry than other industries in the use of more easily broken, mainly because the electrolyte of lithium battery liquid filling the box (LiPF 6) easily with water (H2O) reaction of hydrogen fluoride gas (LiPF6+H2O → LiF+PF3O+2HF), and hydrogen fluoride gas dissolved in water to generate hydrofluoric acid for the strong acid, hydrofluoric acid, has a strong corrosive, corrosive to the probe chip. In order to extend the dew point instrument in lithium ion battery service life, must pay special attention to the following three points:
One, the installation position of the installation position is crucial for the dew point instrument service life, because of the different positions of different concentration of hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid concentration minimum inlet, outlet of the highest concentration of hydrofluoric acid. So the dew point instrument probe in the installation when the proposal is installed in the inlet pipe or near the air inlet position.
Two, operation mode
1, every day to work, first the dehumidification unit open, let dry gas to put the glove box blowing around 24 hours, and then open the dew point instrument;
2, DMT242P dew point probe will automatically heated to a high temperature 160-180 ℃ to adsorption of probe surface contaminants evaporated when in use, so the dew point instrument in the work process is best not to take off;
Don’t dew point instrument 3, work in the disassemble, because humidity and glove box glove box outside humidity vary greatly, the instantaneous change environment easily lead to probe on the gel, thus corrosion probe;
In 4, time must be removed, let the dew point hygrometer stop working after a few minutes and then removing, the dew point hygrometer stop working until this time disassembly must ensure that the dehumidifying unit is at work.
Three, the protection of many users after the vacation holiday back found that dew point instrument does not work, mainly because the workers when a holiday, all the equipment stops working, environment humidity dehumidifying unit shut down after the glove box is gradually increased, the humidity of the environment balance and glove box, glove box residual electrolyte and water in the reaction of hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid is corrosive, corrosive to the probe chip, shorten the service life of the dew point instrument. Suggested that the majority of the lithium battery dew point instrument users during the holidays, the dew point sensor glove box on the removed immediately after use our configuration probe protective sleeve to probe protection, keep the dew point sensor probe ambient drying.
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